What Are Our
Teachers Saying?

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New Teachers
Sacramento Teacher Induction allows me to reflect on my teaching practice while receiving priceless support from my mentor.
Experienced Teachers
Sacramento Teacher Induction provides me with tools to help others.

What are the benefits of participating in the Sacramento County Teacher Induction Program (SCOE TI)?

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Professional Development

  • Participate in ongoing, embedded professional development focused on expanding a repertoire of teaching skills and abilities within your classroom context
  • Enjoy options such as online professional development to address identified needs
  • Access to online resources

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1:1 Weekly Conversations

  • Receive personalized coaching to help the transition from teaching theory to teaching practice
  • Participate in formative assessment processes–individual coaching, small and large group collaboration, classroom observations, support seminars, and reflective conversation

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Seminar Support

  • Network with peers to hone problem-solving skills and the use of data in decision-making
  • Focus your work on the CSTP and gather evidence from your classroom to guide your work